Spent yesterday walking around the downtown boardwalk watching the huge boats move up and down the waterfront thru the fog that appeared and just as quickly disappeared all day long. Sunday turned out to be the best day to do this as the downtown area is practically deserted as we meandered around the old brick buildings.

We stopped for lunch at a park filled with geese, gosling, exercise equipment and way to much goose shit. After we finished Jackie headed over to the exercise equipment to work out while I attempted to repair the battery for my bike the repair would have been so much easier at home but I managed.

Dropped the RV off this morning to get the tires rotated and while we were waiting we cycled around the 25k hub route that goes all around the city, even though we spent 2 hrs doing it we still had to wait another 1 1/2 hrs till the RV was ready to go. Having done this job once allready it was money well spent.

Left for Sudbury in the late afternoon driving thru more farmland on into a forested area but much shorter than what we see back home. Jackie notices signs on the highway to be aware of buggies on the highway, now it’s all about spotting an Amish buggy, nearly an hour passes then we see a couple of women walking down the other side of the highway and right afterwards a buggy but by the time I get turned around and chase it down it’s just a speck heading down the road.

Fortunately a little way down the road we spot another buggy so one more u turn and we get our pic, best part the owner is not present so we get our picture with out bothering them, mission accomplished 🙂

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